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Which App When

Add-on Apps

You can choose one or more Add-on Apps to use on top of the Platform.
Expense Claims App Expense Claim
Used where personal funds have been used to pay for something for the business and reimbursement is needed.
Expense Pre-approval App Expense Pre-approval
Used when a purchase is to be made for the company but pre-approval is required before making the purchase.
Invoice App Invoice
Used to record goods or services you have supplied to a customer, including the amount due to you. Also known as accounts receivable.
Receipt & Bill App Receipt & Bill
Receipt allows employees to capture, submit and store receipts for any purchases that are made using company funds. Bill allows employees to capture Bills that need to be paid and queue these up for payment by accounts payable.
Scheduler App Scheduler
Used to schedule resources on projects.
Time Off App Time Off
Used to track and manage all types of time off in a business.
Timesheet App Timesheet
Used to track and record where time is being spent in a business.
Travel Request App Travel Request
Used to streamline the process of getting travel approved and booked.



All of the below components are included in the Platform.

The Platform is required to run one or more of the Add-on Apps.
Platform Explorer Platform
The base of the AppsForOps platform including valuable capabilities like staff directory, business dashboards, shared calendars and apps for task management, opinion polls and sharing company news.
Mobile App Mobile App
The AppsForOps platform. Anytime, anywhere. Mobile or tablet. Android or iOS.
Xero Add-on App Xero
The AppsForOps platform seamlessly integrated into Xero.

Platform Explorer

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Platform Features

  • Digital Workplace

    It's a digital workplace: social, mobile and always on.

  • Your Intranet

    It's your company intranet, full of ready to use, useful apps.

  • Integrated Apps

    Apps that are smart alone, or brilliant together.

  • Your Company, Your Way

    Apps that can be configured to fit your company, roles and users.

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  • Any Device, Anywhere

    It allows you to get things done on any device you choose, anywhere you choose.

  • Sophisticated Software

    It's sophisticated software at affordable costs.

  • One Place

    It's a single platform: all apps and all data in one place.

  • Your Core Business

    It allows you to focus on what you do best: your core business.


Simple pricing that covers all available apps and features allowing you to easily discover the true power of the AppsForOps platform.

Pricing is per user, per month.

To get a quote please use the Pricing Calculator below:


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