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Apps to automate your business operations. Run a better business today.

One platform. One login. Multiple apps.

Powerful workflow enabled apps that are smart alone, or brilliant together.

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Make Work Flow

The AppsForOps platform offers several apps with customisable workflows that solve common operational problems.

This in turn makes work flow and allows businesses to configure these apps to run their business, their way.

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Platform Matrix

The apps that form part of the AppsForOps platform are powerful workflow enabled apps that are smart alone, or brilliant together. The image below shows how some of these apps work brilliantly together.

Platform Features

  • Digital Workplace

    It's a digital workplace: social, mobile and always on.

  • Your Intranet

    It's your company intranet, full of ready to use, useful apps.

  • Integrated Apps

    Apps that are smart alone, or brilliant together.

  • Your Company, Your Way

    Apps that can be configured to fit your company, roles and users.

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  • Any Device, Anywhere

    It allows you to get things done on any device you choose, anywhere you choose.

  • Sophisticated Software

    It's sophisticated software at affordable costs.

  • One Place

    It's a single platform: all apps and all data in one place.

  • Your Core Business

    It allows you to focus on what you do best: your core business.


Simple pricing that covers all available apps and features allowing you to easily discover the true power of the AppsForOps platform.

Pricing is per user, per month.

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