Quick Facts

Shaun LeisegangCEO and Co-founder at AppsForOps

Shaun Leisegang (CEO and Co-founder, AppsForOps) has a solid track record of doing business in the business process automation space. In the 8 years prior to moving to Australia and joining the senior leadership team at SourceCode ANZ in January 2014, he performed a number of senior management roles for K2 while being based in the UK and the USA, most notably the role of Global Services Director.


Hennie LaubscherCo-founder at AppsForOps

Hennie Laubscher (Co-founder, AppsForOps), has successfully led start-up initiatives at several companies over the last 20 years, most notably the Microsoft Solutions Competency Centre for Accenture South Africa in 2001, the K2 start-up initiative in Asia Pacific in 2002 (based in Singapore) and the K2 start-up initiative in the USA in 2003 (based in Chicago and later on Seattle). Prior to moving to Australia in January, 2009, Hennie served as the COO and CFO at SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. (the K2 holdings company with its head office in Seattle, WA USA). Hennie has also been (and currently is) the owner of a successful local Australian business named SourceCode ANZ Pty Ltd. (“SourceCode ANZ”) since 1 January, 2009. SourceCode ANZ is the exclusive distributor for K2 software in Australia.


Company Introduction

  • Small to Medium Businesses (SMB's) spend a huge amount of time on manual execution of tasks and business processes through the use of paper, spreadsheets, e-mail and standalone application driven interaction between team members.
  • Modern day end users know better and employees value automation efforts and having access to mobile apps to get their work done.
  • SMB’s generally do not have the time, budget or IT resources to solve some of these day to day problems in-house.
  • While several vendors offer solutions in this space, most of the available offerings out there are quite narrowly focused and do not lend themselves to offering a well-integrated experience.
  • Things get lost, visibility is low, data exists in silo’s. Huge amounts of time is wasted at significant cost to the business. Time and money are two of any business’ most valuable resources.

AppsForOps aims to increase efficiencies for small and medium businesses by providing a suite of integrated business apps which end users can could access anytime, from anywhere. AppsForOps customers can start with the full suite of apps, or start with one and grow to more. Examples of applications are Expense Claim, Expense Pre-approval , Invoice, Receipt & Bill, Scheduler, Time Off, Timesheet and Travel Request management and more. It’s an intranet filled with valuable capabilities such as a staff directory, business dashboards, shared calendars and apps for task management, opinion polls and sharing company news. Customers access the applications using a cloud based portal or via a mobile app.

Customers have described AppsForOps as follows:

“It's a digital workplace: social, mobile and always on.”
“Apps that are smart alone, or brilliant together.”
“Apps that can be configured to fit your company, roles and users.”
“It allows you to get things done on any device you choose, anywhere you choose.”
“It's enterprise level software at affordable costs.”
“It's a single platform: all apps and all data in one place.”
“It allows you to focus on what you do best: your core business.”


Supplementary Information

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