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Time Off

Run better Time Off Management. Run a better business today.

Time Off allows employees to digitally submit, track and get approval for their Time Off requests. It allows for Time Off categorisation, balance maintenance, customisable levels of approval and more.

Make Work Flow

Time Off Benefits

Expense Claims App

For the Employee

• Digitally submit your Time Off requests via mobile, tablet or desktop

• Know exactly what your Time Off balance is at any time

• See when your colleagues are out of office using the Time Off calendar

Expense Claims App

For the Manager

• Digitally receive and approve all Time Off requests in one place

• Have real time, always up to date Time Off balances for all team members

• Have full visibility into when your any of your team will be out of office and why

Expense Claims App

For the Business Owner

• Get complete control over employee absence

• Customise the approval levels and approvers to suit your business

• Have full visibility into exactly who's off and why

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