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  • AppsForOps 3.7

    22 Jan 2017

    AppsForOps 3.7 is here and includes: My Dashboard and reporting updates and more.


  • AppsForOps 3.6

    19 Dec 2017

    AppsForOps 3.6 is here and includes: One Login, Multiple Companies, Multiple Approvers and more.


  • AppsForOps 3.5

    8 Nov 2017

    AppsForOps 3.5 is here and includes: Employee Onboarding wizard, AppsForOps User Types: Premium User vs. Standard User, additional Expense Claim and Time Off configuration options, an enhanced Task+ app, some great new reports for Better Business Summary and Team Workload and more. 


  • Ask Michelle Bot

    17 Jul 2017

    Ask Michelle is the AppsForOps customer service bot.

    Ask Michelle enables you to learn more about AppsForOps and assist you in getting any questions that you may have answered


  • How AppsForOps is making life easier for Australia’s SMBs

    31 Mar 2017

    Time, and money, are unquestionably the two most valuable resources for small to medium businesses.

    As the allocation of these resources to technology becomes more of a priority in the digital economy, transformation projects, depending on their scale, can make or break a small business’s bottom line.


  • AppsForOps Bot

    14 Feb 2017

    AppsForOps Bot allows signed up users of the AppsForOps platform to view and action their tasks and more.

    AppsForOps Bot can be accessed through Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams and Skype.


  • AppsForOps for Microsoft Teams

    14 Feb 2017

    Action your tasks, track your processes or interact with your business applications straight from Microsoft Teams.


  • AppsForOps for Microsoft Outlook

    13 Feb 2017

    Action your tasks, track your processes or create new Task+ items straight from Outlook.


  • Xero add-on automates seven common business processes

    22 Nov 2016

    The AppsForOps platform offers Xero users seven integrated apps for easily managing workflow processes like expense claims, travel bookings and staff leave.


  • How to create an app for the Xero marketplace

    12 Sep 2016

    Do you have an idea for an app or service that could benefit from integrating with Xero? Here are some tips for creating apps for the cloud accounting platform.


  • AppsForOps 101

    6 Aug 2016

    The AppsForOps 101 app allows you to discover all things AppsForOps in a variety of ways from product tours to video libraries and more.


  • AppsForOps Mobile App

    12 April 2016

    The AppsForOps platform. Anytime, anywhere. Mobile or tablet. Android or iOS.


  • AppsForOps Web

    1 Apr 2016

    The full AppsForOps platform available through a web browser.