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Travel Request

Run better Travel Request Management. Run a better business today.

Employees can use Travel Request to request, track, get approval for and booked using their preferences. It allows for customisable levels of approval, trip budget setting, options on the best available prices and more.

Make Work Flow

Travel Request Benefits

Expense Claims App

For the Employee

• Digitally submit your Travel Requests via mobile, tablet or desktop

• Book travel using all of your personal travel preferences

• Receive, view and store your itinerary digitally

Expense Claims App

For the Manager

• Digitally receive and approve all Travel Requests in one place

• Ensure planned travel is needed and approved before ticketing

• Have full visibility into when employees are travelling and why

Expense Claims App

For the Business Owner

• Save your employees precious time

• Have full control over travel costs, budget limits and approvals required

• Have full visibility into all travel across the business

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